Science Fair 2018

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Like the other programmes AIS proved once again its enchanting maneuvering skill making the science fair successful to the brim, Alhamdulillah. It was the final programme of the session in fact.

The enthusiasm of our students made the fair so aesthetic that we have been privileged to see dozens of ensuing scientists among our students Insha’Allah. The corroboration and the collaboration of both the teachers and students precipitated elegantly couple of back to back programmes like this dynamic science fair in AIS premises preceded by the flamboyant Qir’aat Competition and Hifz Convocation in Marriot Convention Centre.

Plenty of scientific feats were presented by our students of variant grades which have been overwhelmingly observed by our honorable Chairman, Head of School along with the respected judges. The respected judges were Dr. Enamul Haque, Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of DU, Md. Taufiqur Rahman Bhuiya, Scientist Muscal Immunology an Vaccinology Laboratory, Dr. Farhana Khan Deputy Projet Coordinator, Immunology unit of ICDDRB and Taslima Samad, Vice-principal of AIS junior section. Consequently, the masterpiece was highly appreciated both from the guardians, judges, and others Alhamdulillah. Later the judges gave their valuable judgments over the projects of the students.

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Result of Science Fair 2018

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