The Averroes International School is recognized by the Bangladesh Ministry of Education and authorized by British Council and Edexcel as an English –medium educational institution for both Primary and Secondary Sections.

The school established in 2015 is situated at Lalmatia, Mohammadpur in Dhaka. The School, surrounded by peaceful environment, which gives pleasures to children, offers education from Play to A Level.

The Averroes International School is a proprietary institution owned by Averroes Ltd., a company registered under the laws of Bangladesh under the Companies Act (ACT X VIII) of 1994 and that the company is Limited.

The Board operates the Averroes International School as a private school for the benefit of the local and foreign community to the governed and directed as set forth in the bylaws and policies. The Averroes International School is a registered company operating under the laws of Bangladesh, and the owners constitute the executive Board. Governance of the School is exercised by this Board.

The School provides children excellent quality education for their overall development.  They are taught moral values, self-discipline and various skills to face the dynamic challenges and opportunities of the life with care, confidence and commitment. The school provides an environment in which the students can learn, understand and practice their way of life ‘Islam, as they strive for excellence in moral education.

The school is meeting parental expectations and even competing with each other. From offering prayer facilities and Arabic vocabulary to prescribing Islamic attire in school uniform, there are extra periods dedicated to disseminate the message of Islamic values.