Our curriculum Department

Md. Anisur Rahman Shohagh, Head of Curriculum Department

Professor Mokhter Ahmad, Adviser, Department of Quranic Arabic & Arabic Language

Farhan Alim, Curriculum Analyst & Head, Department of Mathematics

Mohammed Nurun Nobi, Head, Department of English

Professor Dr Enamul Haque, Honorary Department Head, Science


The Averroes Elementary Section Curriculum is based on established Pre-School methods and standards, further enriched by Averroes professionals to meet the following objectives:

  • Promoting
  • Inculcate strong Islamic values in the students.
  • Help the students in their intellectual, emotional, physical and social development.
  • Enable the students to become independent learners.
  • Help each student to recognize and understand his/her role in the world.
  • Prepare the students to become Da’ees (preachers) of Islam.

At the Averroes Elementary Section, the balanced approach in curriculum designing, focuses not only on the students’ physical and mental grooming, but also on their spiritual uplifting. The activity-based methodology emphasizes creativity along with Tarbiyah as the main feature of Averroes Elementary Section. The students begin their day with the remembrance of Allah during specially prepared assemblies.

Arabic Language

Arabic language starts right from Play Group, so that the children are able to practice it by the time they reach the higher grades. This is considered a key to unite the Muslims all over the world and to understand the Book of Allah in the language it was revealed in. The Elementary students use specially designed Arabic workbooks, developed in-house, which help the children build Arabic vocabulary quickly and practice Arabic letters.

English Language

The students are encouraged to communicate in English language. The spoken abilities are enhanced through daily practice of phonics, whereas the reading skills are developed through an intense levelled Reading Program. We follow a Synthetic Phonic Program using interactive boards and tablets in the classrooms to enhance the listening and reading capability of students. The written expression is polished through a well-structured curriculum focused on appreciating creativity along with improving the hand writing.

Bangla Language

Bangla language is highly valued at the school and is taught with the same zeal and emphasis as English and Arabic.


Special Averroes Elementary Section material is used to make Mathematics a fun and an exciting subject. It helps to build concrete base of numeracy which would help these students in future to learn and apply complex mathematical concepts to real-world problems.

Islamic Studies

Special Averroes Elementary Section material is used to make Mathematics a fun and an exciting subject. It helps to build concrete base of numeracy which would help these students in future to learn and apply complex mathematical concepts to real-world problems.

Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies involve selected topics from Geography, History, Botany, Zoology, Science and Social Studies. Exploring 2D and 3D Art stimulates creativity and broadens the mind. Painting, cutting and sticking, drawing, making patterns with symmetry and recycling are all fun ways to learn art and craft.

Sensorial Exercises

While Exercises for Practical Life help make our students more independent and confident, the Sensorial exercises sharpen and enhance the mental development of students. These activities help train the children to take care of themselves and their environment. Regular Sports activities help keep our students physically fit and mentally healthy.


Exploring Art stimulates creativity and broadens the mind. Painting, cutting and sticking, drawing, making patterns with symmetry and recycling are all fun ways to learn art and craft.


The students’ progress is closely monitored by assistant teachers, class teachers, subject teachers, level coordinators and the Section Head. Daily behaviour reports help in the identification of areas of concern, whether it is academic or otherwise and aid in planning to overcome them. Remedial programs are carried out for those students who require special attention in certain academic areas. If required, problems are discussed with parents so that they can also play a positive role in helping their child cope. Report cards prepared on the basis of regular ongoing assessment are sent to the parents at the end of each term.


We at Averroes pay special attention to the training and development of our staff. Every year we plan and conduct an Annual Training session for our teachers to share with them the new discoveries and latest practices in the field of education. We keep the parents involved through multiple workshops conducted to guide and enable them to teach and train their children hence resonating the positive impact of the School.


Smile & Salam

‘Walk the talk’ is what the Averros staff believes, greeting every student, each morning with a smile and greeting of peace – ‘Assalamu alaikum WRT’. This embeds the sunnah of saying salam and soon becomes a common practice within our students.

Morning Assembly

Providing an energetic start to the day, students gather for the morning assembly where every child is given the opportunity to participate in order to gain confidence from an early age.

Circle Time

A recount of previous learning, moral themes and class rules all take place during circle-time. Subsequently, children take a peek into what is planned for the day ahead.

Arabic Class

Arabic is taught in such a manner that our students can grasp it easily ultimately developing the ability to converse in Arabic fluently.


An all-time favourite of our students is the sports class. With the guidance of a trained teacher, students learn and excel in various games and exercises, as well as build on teamwork, patience and the passion to succeed.

Tiffin / Lunch Time

Washing hands, setting the table and saying ‘Bismillah’ before enjoying favourite snacks is all part of the tiffin/lunch time. The teachers join their students to teach eating etiquettes; such as using the right hand, sharing and finishing the meal.

Material Time

The ‘Material time’ gives students the opportunity to unleash their potential by working with the Averroes Elementary Section material. Averroes Elementary Section material is especially designed to teach children various skills including better hand eye coordination, self-discipline, self-correction and focus while enhancing cognitive skills and creativity. These activities lay the foundation for future learning. It is a wonderful time for students to engage in numerous tasks with the freedom to choose from the available material. In Averroes, we ensure the availability of sufficient age-appropriate Montessori material to keep all the students involved simultaneously.

After School Facility

Due to varied dismissal times of siblings, staff or even parents who are unable to make it to school on-time to pick up their children due to work hours, an after-school facility is available. However, this time is made purposeful for the students by engaging them in interesting activities, snacking or even taking a short nap and feeling refreshed before going home.

Departure Time

The security of our students is extremely important for us and so departure time is exceptionally organised. A pick-up card system is in place, which authorises the card holder only to pick up the student.


Primary Section is Alhamdulillah well on its way to attain the vision of the School where students are being trained in a positive environment by passionate and dedicated teachers. Our approach to learning is evolving every day; modern and innovative techniques are being adopted to educate the students. These techniques optimize self-belief, competence and proficiency.

The Primary Section comprises of grades I – III.

Key Features

  1. Activity-based learning with modern teaching techniques.
  2. Teaching languages, sciences and concepts with Islamic integration.
  3. Tarbiyah, in and outside the classroom to make better Muslims.
  4. Providing classroom environment which is embedded with Islamic principles and teachings.
  5. Teaching Arabic and Tajweed as regular subjects to make understanding of the Holy Qur’an easier.
  6. Following monthly moral themes to incorporate essential Islamic values.
  7. Offering Zuhr Salah in congregation on campus.
  8. Exclusive opportunities to meet and learn from religious scholars and professionals. Participation and distinctions in national and international.

Students are guided to become self-motivated learners, who are strong academically and are able to foster their own ability to think comprehensively and clearly. Subject details are as follows:

Quran Recitation & Memorization

From the beginning, students learn the art of recitation of the Holy Qur’an. They also memorize different Surahs, learn hadith and Duas.

Arabic Language

Arabic is taught in a simplified and effective manner building upon reading, writing and conversing skills. Being the language of the Qur’an, it holds great importance within the academic framework of Averroes.


Being an English medium school, students are taught to communicate fluently and effectively in English. During the year all areas of the subject are covered; including reading, writing, listening and speaking effectively in English.


As the national language, Bangla is highly valued at the School and is taught with the same zeal and emphasis as English and Arabic.


Students are taught mathematical concepts which are reinforced through practical activities. The methodology adopted at Averroes provides a platform for students to become independent in utilizing their mathematical skills. This approach helps form a strong foundation to build upon in coming academic years.

Islamic Studies

The School has a thematic approach to the way Islamic Studies is taught, where a concept is reinforced in all aspects of teaching. Through this process students learn in an engaging manner, which helps increase their knowledge while enriching their faith and thus translating into action.


Science is taught in such a way that students are made to realize and appreciate the grandeur of Allah and His creation. They are motivated to understand the application of scientific concepts through experiments, diagrams, flow charts, documentaries and science projects. Exhibitions and competitions held by the School are an effective means to further nurture students’ scientific inquisitiveness. Students are encouraged to make discoveries, devise formulae and experiment on their own.


A rigorous and engaging ICT curriculum with Islamic integration is in place at Averroes. The focus of the subject is to teach basic computer skills including computational & problem-solving skills, programming, web browsing, cutting-edge technologies like robots & biometrics.

General Knowledge

Students develop an understanding of the world through Geography in which they learn about the environment, other cultures, their economy and politics. Emphasis is placed upon how to become responsible and active citizens of the world. Through History, students derive important lessons from the past and benefit from a focused study of Muslim Heroes.

Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts is a combined subject involving dramatic skills for stage performances, delivering speeches amongst small groups or before the morning assembly and building on existing skills and talents, thereby developing stage presence and self-confidence. Arts and Crafts is a way to expand a student’s mind, broadening his/her horizons in being creative and helping them refine their gross and fine motor skills. Students use this time to analyze, criticize and produce original pieces of Ar

Physical Education

Health and Fitness is ensured by providing the students training in sports such as Basket Ball, Martial Arts, Badminton, Table Tennis etc. All students partake in weekly physical activities.

Assessment & Grading

The academic progress of the students is systematically monitored by teachers and the Section Head through close observation as well as through the assessment of class work, quizzes, tests, oral assessments, projects and examination. The grading and assessment system is one that is made comprehensible for the students and parents to reflect upon the child’s progress and set future targets.


Secondary Section at an International School is offered with a number of distinctive features. Alongside academic excellence and life skills, we also focus on the spiritual development of the students. Averroes offers Edexcel based qualification to its students and strives to inspire the right attitude and skills.

The Secondary Section currently comprises of grades IV – X.

Key Features

By providing an ideal Islamic environment and through the integration of Islamic teachings with the curriculum, we help our students develop a strong bond with Allah. All our efforts are focused towards making our students responsible Muslims who can play leading role in the progress of the world motivated by Islamic teachings and guidance. Through the lessons on Seerah of Prophet and the history of Sahabah, they get a chance to admire the golden era of Muslims and internalize the efforts needed to bring such changes in our society, even today.

We ensure that our students are given activity based learning which enhances their level of creativity, confidence and understanding.

Quran Recitation

This subject aims to enable the students to recite the Holy Qur’an accurately. Qur’anic recitation is an integral and important element of all school assemblies, in-house and external events. The Annual Competition Qiraat motivates our students to strive in beautifying their recitation of the Qur’anic verses with skilful fluency. From grade VI onwards, this subject is integrated with Qur’an Translation and Tafseer where students learn the skill of perfect recitation of the verses taught in on a weekly Tafseer basis.

Arabic Language

Students are taught Arabic from the basic level and further taken to an advanced level of speaking, reading and writing. Students practice their language skills through role plays, library sessions, assembly presentations and classroom discussions. This subject facilitates the students in understanding the Qur’an deeply in its original language.


While teaching English as a language we focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students are given experience of developing content for brochures, documentaries, poetry composition etc.

Reading skills are not limited to comprehension alone, through developing these skills, we aim to instil the love of reading and gaining knowledge through books. Our library contains a wide variety of carefully selected age appropriate books.

Students are taught the award-winning biography of Prophet Muhammad, as a part of the literature syllabus. Through this, the students not only get to study the sophisticated non-fiction genre, but also get to explore and critically analyse the Pre-Islamic world In comparison to the lineage, life, personality, character traits and sequence of events in the life of Prophet Muhammad, and refer to him as an exemplary role model for humanity.


Bangla is taught with an extraordinary zeal and zest through creative activities. Our students participate in speeches & debates, conduct interviews, write reports and compose personifications in Bangla. Students also conduct assembly presentations as well as execute theme of the month through different activities.


Mathematics is taught with reference to daily problem solving. Our specialist teachers have an insight into the future requirements for higher grades and strive to make our students competent enough to be able to meet higher standards and reach broader horizons. Mathematics is Islamically integrated for its strands with the skills of algebra, geometry, data interpretation in all parts of our syllabus books.

Islamic Studies

A separate department is dedicated to the development of the Islamic Studies Curriculum. Our school has a thematic approach to the way Islamic Studies is taught, where a concept is reinforced in all aspects of teaching. Through this process, students learn in an engaging manner, simultaneously helping to increase their knowledge, while enriching their faith and thus translating into immediate action.


Science is one of the most significant subjects of our curriculum. Our students enjoy conducting experiments in the science lab and are trained by the subject experts to form hypothesis and reach conclusions.

Further, students are given opportunities to display and present a vast range of science projects to open audiences. All their research work is Islamically integrated, thus training our students to not just learn science with a deeper purpose, but to transfer their research as a Daee’ to the rest of the world, benefitting from such opportunities to strike upon intellectual thinking and discovering ways to spread the word of Allah.

At IGCSE / iGCSE level, students study Physics, Biology and Chemistry as separate subjects with emphasis on inquiry-based learning to prepare them for external examination.


ICT is catered through the syllabus book for each grade. Our well-equipped computer lab contains all the necessities required for the students to get hands-on experience. Students are trained to use various programs, design, graphics, code programs and websites, and surf the internet according to a specifically designed age-appropriate designed syllabus.

General Knowledge

The main purpose of this subject is to enhance the general knowledge of the students about Islam and the world. To serve this purpose, two subjects are taught under General Knowledge i.e., History and Geography.

Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts is serving as a part of creative expression which is so far in practice for Grade V. However, our faculty keeps all internal and external art competitions open for the rest of the students too in order to give equal opportunity to the artistically inclined and skilfully creative minds. The subject is assessed through the exhibition of different art-related projects made by the students under the supervision of their art teachers.

Physical Education

Health and Fitness is ensured by providing the students training in sports such as Basket Ball, Martial Art.  Badminton, Table Tennis, Football, Gymnastics etc. All students partake in weekly physical activities.

Qur’an Word to Word Translation and Tafseer

This specialized subject is taught from Grade VI onwards in which the students learn to derive root words, grasp the translation and acquire a deep understanding of the verses of the Holy Qur’an.

In this comprehensive subject, spread over 7 years, students learn complete word-to-word translation and Tafseer of the Holy Qur’an. The purpose is to instil a thorough and profound understanding of Qur’an in the future Daee’s of Islam so that the Qur’an is absorbed in their hearts and reflected in their actions.

Our subject specialist teachers ensure introspective thought process and encourage the students to become evaluative individuals having more insight into what Allah expects from mankind and the standards He has set for His believing slaves.


Averroes International School has initiated an after-school program entitled ‘Homework Solving Session’ & Intense Hifz Program. After-school programs are ideal for engaging youth in positive activities in a safe and supervised environment while parents are at work and also for those who are interested in providing wider opportunities for growth to their children. The After-School program provides opportunities for children to explore interests, gain competency in real-life skills, solve problems, and assume leadership roles. This program will also help them build strong, supportive relationships with adult role models and mentors, and to become active participants of community welfare. Productive Evenings has a range of programs for children to opt from in a safe and friendly setting.

Parental Courses

Allah refers to children as gifts from Him. They should be loved, cherished, and considered a blessing to have. This course will delve into one of the greatest, but also most testing, experiences we may undertake in life: parenthood.

From the delivery room to your child’s first steps into adulthood, Islam provides the most comprehensive guidelines in how to raise and nurture them. This course will not only provide knowledge but most importantly practical and relevant steps to facilitate your job as a parent.

“He gifts to whom He wills female [children], and He gifts to whom He wills males.” [Al-Shura: 49]

In these exciting courses, you will learn about:

  • Your child’s rights upon you.
  • How to deal with the “terrible two’s”.
  • Should we home school our children or send them to public or Islamic schools?
  • How to teach your child to pray.
  • How to tackle gender mixing in the West.
  • What to watch out for in boys and girls during their teenage years.
  • How to address your child having bad friends.
  • What to be careful of with modern technology.
  • How to deal with your child if they have problematic addictions such as drugs, pornography.
  • And much, much more!

The course will also enable parents, carers, older siblings and teachers to instil maturity, sense of responsibility and leadership within children, so that our children become the comfort of our eyes.

Community Quran Course

 This program is designed to help the surrounding community read the Holy Qur’an fluently with application of Tajweed rules to develop a strong bond with the Qur’an. In addition to Nurani Qaida, children recite the Qur’an, memorise selected surahs & duas and learn salah.

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