It’s our pleasure to welcome to you to the Averroes International School, your Community School, hereafter referred to as “AIS”. The staff of AIS is dedicated to providing the best possible education in an Islamic environment. We strive to promote Islamic ideals and values. Our emphasis is to produce future generations of Muslims who will carry the Islamic traditions and values forward.

The AIS counts heavily on parent involvement and support. Parental and community support we crucial to the success of our institution. We hope that you will share the commitment to Islamic education by supporting school activities and volunteering your time on a regular basis.

WE strongly emphasize parental support because it provides the bedrock for the parent/child relationship, which is emotionally sustaining, contributing much to the strength of attachment by which child feels secured. It never loses importance to matter how old the child is.

For more please go through our handbooks are to inform you about the school. Please print or collect form school office, review and keep it for reference throughout the year. Also, a school newsletter will be sent home whenever needed to keep parents updated and informed about school events.