• Mohammad Anisur Rahaman Shohagh
    Mohammad Anisur Rahaman Shohagh Head Of School & CEO

Admission And Administration

  • Ariful Hasan Mir Sagor
    Ariful Hasan Mir Sagor Head of Administration & HR
  • Gazi Shahid Ullah
    Gazi Shahid Ullah Manager-HR & Admin Operation
  • Shahed Abul Ala
    Shahed Abul Ala Head of Admission & Information
  • Md Najmul Huda
    Md Najmul Huda Executive Admission & Information


  • Md. Arif Hossain
    Md. Arif Hossain Manager, Accounts
  • Mohammad Abu Taher
    Mohammad Abu Taher Executive, Accounts
  • Md. Anam Hosen
    Md. Anam Hosen Executive, Accounts

Logistic  Department

  • Syed Mohammad Ismail
    Syed Mohammad Ismail Logistic Manager
  • Shohrab Hossain
    Shohrab Hossain Logistic Assistant
  • Syed Mojahidul Islam
    Syed Mojahidul Islam Executive, Library
  • Md. Saiful Islam
    Md. Saiful Islam Photocopy Technician

IT  Department

  • Md. Sayed Arman
    Md. Sayed Arman Head of IT
  • Biplob Kumar
    Biplob Kumar Graphics Designer
  • Abdul Momin
    Abdul Momin IT EXECUTIVE
    MD. BILLAL HOSSAIN Computer Operator
  • Abu Rayhan Toha
    Abu Rayhan Toha IT Executive
  • Md.Abdullah Hil Bari
    Md.Abdullah Hil Bari IT Executive


  • Aslam Sikdar
    Aslam Sikdar Security In Charge – Senior Section

Supporting Staff

  • Hasib Munshi
    Hasib Munshi Office Assistant
  • Abdullah Sheikh
    Abdullah Sheikh
  • Md. Shohagh Mia
    Md. Shohagh Mia
  • Md. Nabi Hossain Khan
    Md. Nabi Hossain Khan
  • Shahida Begum
    Shahida Begum
  • Nasrin Akter
    Nasrin Akter
  • Aakhi Akter
    Aakhi Akter
  • Alya Begum
    Alya Begum
  • Moyna Akter
    Moyna Akter
  • Aysha Khatun
    Aysha Khatun
  • Beauty Akter
    Beauty Akter
  • Morzina
  • Hosniara Akter
    Hosniara Akter
  • Reba Akter
    Reba Akter
  • Farida Begum
    Farida Begum
  • Josna Begum
    Josna Begum
  • Maksuda Akter
    Maksuda Akter
  • Maksuda Begum
    Maksuda Begum
  • Yasmin Akter
    Yasmin Akter
  • Ruksana Begum
    Ruksana Begum
  • Sumi Akhter
    Sumi Akhter
  • Nupur Begum
    Nupur Begum