What better source of sadaqah e jariyah (continuous charity) could there be than contributing towards the education of young Muslims? Your financial support can go a long way towards making our children excellent Muslims. Every gem that the school produces, and all the good that these children are able to do because of their early education, will have your share in the reward Insha’Allah. Support AIS, and create an everlasting source of good deeds for yourself!

Ways in which you can invest your Akhira through AIS

Sponsor a child

There are many children who are talented but cannot afford the fee of the school- help make them study

Help build the new campus

Averroes International School was established with the aim of providing students the best of both the worlds. Our main objective is to provide an impressive centre for learning where an overall development of a child can take place. The aim of the school is to make every child not just an educated Muslim but a multi-talented practicing Muslim. We focus on developing and nurturing children’s Islamic identity from a very young age along with the holistic learning. To implement these objectives, the school is in dire need of your support.

Presently the school is being run in four separate hired buildings. Averroes International School urgently needs a proper and spacious own campus so that more and more children can gain benefit from school. For this reason, we are trying to purchase a land and move to permanent campus as soon as possible. The school believes that being a Muslim is synonymous with excellence in every aspect. To that end academic excellence is expected and pursued as part of our religious duties.

We have plans to make this school excellent in terms of academics, infrastructure, safety, with facilities such as laboratories, sports ground, Salah area, swimming pool, canteen/cafe etc. so that our students do not lag behind from students of the so called ‘modern’ schools. We extend our request to all informed, thinking and responsible members of the society to make efforts to establish Islamic schools in their areas. Those who cannot go to the extent of establishing schools should co-operate with those who do so, with all their might, effort, time and money.

Your co-operation in any form will In shaa Allah be a source of Sawab e Jariya for you.

Feel free to contact us:

Email: avsrroesint.school@gmail.com

Work as Volunteer

AIS welcomes parents’ participation inside the class, outside the class and on special occasions. You volunteering at your child’s School will demonstrate to

Help spread the light

Contact to the Head of School on 01711117827 if you think you can help us expand Averroes International School to other cities of Bangladesh .

Averroes International School Account Info

Account Title:   Averroes International School
Account No:     501- 01- 000177

Bank Name: Standard Bank Ltd.

Branch Name: Topkhana Road
Branch Code: 501
Swift Code: SDBLBDDH105