AIS Family stands beside the flood victims

One of the worst disasters Bangladesh have faced in last two centuries is the flood of the current year. About two million people were affected and up to half a million people have become homeless. In response to the deteriorating situation, the AIS has mobilized volunteers to distribute food, cash money, clothing, first aid and other relief items in flood-hit communities in Kurigram region.​

AIS family appreciates all the students and the guardians of the school without whom it would be not be possible. The CEO of AIS Anisur Rahman Shohag mentioned, “I have been observing the situation for last couple of days. I took the initiative along with my staffs and teachers. We called for help for the flood victims and the response was so good that I have received over 200 phone calls in a day. We appreciate the dedication of our students and parents who helped us in fundraising program. I thank the school staffs who got involved in coordinating relief efforts. We hope that everyone will step forward and will help the flood victims as per their ability. Inshaa Allah the overall flood situation and the crisis will improve soon. We’ll move ahead overcoming these natural disasters.”