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Community walk & Field Trip from School to Meena Bazar (Pre-KG )
The objectives of these events were:
1. Learning to organize money.
2. Learning the section names of a grocery store/departmental shop (such as canned goods / seafood / produce / household items / etc.).
3. Expressing products including their packaging (such as a tube of toothpaste / a jar of jam / a carton of milk / etc.).
4. Giving directions in a grocery store (such as milk is in aisle 12 in the dairy section, on the left side on the 2nd shelf from the top.)
5. Describing the different jobs and work responsibilities in a grocery store.
6. This lesson is about going shopping for food; and grocery, it develops the students’ vocabulary of food containers, collocations and gives them the confidence to ask for food items in a shop.
7. Safety and traffic rules of the road.
8. Learn about the community and neighborhood.

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