Sweet Memories ( by Ahnaf Zahid)

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Sweet Memories 

Std- VIII (Boys)

It was a lazy afternoon just after my exams. I was lying in my bed playing games on my mobile phone. I didn’t notice when my mother came in and stood beside my bed. “Go and clean the storeroom, please. I’m a bit tired right now.” she said. I was so indulged in playing that she had to repeat herself. Still I did not pay much attention to her.

So she just snatched the phone as she knew that it is the only way to make me angry at that moment. I said, “I’ll do it tomorrow. I don’t want to clean it now.” But she didn’t want to listen and even pulled me by ears. So I went to clean the storeroom.

The dusty old storeroom filled me with disgust and loathe. The damp smell, dusty materials and dangling cobwebs made my stomach ache.

But I had to do it anyway or Mom would let all hell break loose. I tried to console myself saying, “It’s okay, I’ll have to do it today only. It’ll be my first and my last time.” I put on a mask and the gloves and started to clean the dust.

There were flies that disturbed me as they flew past my face. But suddenly, my eyes fell on something shiny. I picked it up from the floor and found out that it was just an album.

Don’t know what made me stop working, but I sat down on a box and flipped open the front page. In there were my photos from when I was a little kid.

The first photo was of me on my cousin’s lap. Those old days flashed back in my mind. All the memories of my childhood started to crowd in my head. I flipped on to the next page and saw my uncle feeding me cake on my fourth birthday.

I chuckled to myself thinking how sweet my childhood was! I kept on flipping the pages slowly, going through all the photos. I came across several pictures showing my uncles, aunts, cousins and my grandparents playing and having a fun time with me.

Just then, I found a photo in which my parents were holding their baby boy together. I could clearly see the love and delight they felt keeping me close to their hearts. I felt ashamed as I had been very rude to my parents recently. I completely avoided them and even showed disrespect to them.

Looking at the photos of my parents and me together, I became so emotional that I could hold back my tears. I closed the album, clasped it in my chest and just sat there. I realized how ungrateful I had been!

I did not notice but it was already evening. I sat there with tears rolling down my cheeks. Then I got up and, in an hour, cleaned the storeroom. The evening sun set slowly as if the clouds could feel my sadness.

I have decided that I will always listen to my parents and never be disrespectful to them. Though they might turn out to be strict disciplinarians, but there is also love and affection for us in their veins. I hid the album in my drawer and from time to time, took a glimpse of my past, my sweet memories.


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